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Want that Spirit Back…..

Mesmerised !

Mt spirits are low…..

My soulmate is out……

For three months long exercise in deserts…..

Without him I feeL lonely…..

For the first time the father will be away for so long since my elder son has moved to Mumbai for higher studies

I am feeling a big void in my life….

One son away and younger too doesn’t need me as such…

I mean he his a grown up boy, no more dependent on me for so many things….

Busy in his own world of assignments, computers and studies, he hardly gets time

To talk, sit and go for walks with me….

Though he make sure that I should not feel lonely and

Keeps on doing funny things to pep up me.

But a feeling is sinking in me that what would happen when he goes away?

How would I feel in a house without them ?

How long we both as a couple will talk to each other?

There are couples who are my inspiration…..I see them together all the time…touch wood !

Not that I am staying without Tarun for the first time but before this I had never felt this way

Might be my kids were around me all the time, kept me in spin

I was a busy mom and a working woman.

This feeling is strange when two of us sitting in our rooms and doing our things

I don’t feel like writing now a days…This is what I want to change…..

I want my spirit back and I am sure it will happen soon

I have to accept the changes in my life……The sooner the better !

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