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When I Met My Soulmate

O Lord, why I have to dig my past every time I see the prompt?

This past thing is getting on my nerves. Com on I am sure we all bloggers who write for daily prompts are happily living people, very much enjoying our present, no? Thanks to Word press, we have known each other’s past so well !

Last time when we met we were 10 years younger, sitting in the waiting room, sharing our best hand made gifts holding the golden key to a room or a building where we otherwise could never access so far, huh !

Before I get confuse which old tales I have to share here let me read the prompt once more…..Okay it gives me some flexibility to talk about anything good/ innocent times from my personal life.

There is nothing innocent more than falling in love, I fell in love too. Good old days when we started knowing each other and walked hand in hand.
Sharing my salad days with you…… sweet, crisp, tangy and refreshing like a good old salad.

Thou swept me off my feet ! Haven’t thou?

I found my soulmate in thee, Aren’t thou?

“Ay love ! ” Floored I was with thy charm, smitten by sheer simplicity,
Thou took my breath away, respected my inhibitions and individuality;
Winged cupid played his part well, musical notes evolved into symphony,
“Ay me!” my soul and spirit mingled with thine in perfect harmony;

We met, we spoke, we doth lied while exchanging notes,
we tied the nuptial knot, made promises,took eternal vows;
we lived, we moved, I suggested,thou accepted, painted rainbows,
Showered faith and trust, kept a tight leash on fears and sorrows;

Together we nurtured a dream, holding hands never to part,
Together we faced struggles, failures,triumphs,got up again to restart;
Together we weaved carefully the fabric of emotions and learnt the art;
Together we sailed, grew as inseparables, were “soul mates”, never depart;

Memories so sweet, happiness unleashed, joy no dearth,
Our home is an abode of peace, Ah ! Heaven itself on earth;
O, my soulmate, hold my hand in journey between life and death,
Can’t live without thee, thou need to be there till my parting breath,

Lover’s soul never sinks ! Don’t thou know?
Lover’s soul loves pure spirit ! Isn’t so ?

That’s all from me today. Hope we talk something else tomorrow rather than floating in our glorious past, not for this week at least.

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