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An Interview with God


It is my first interview with God. The room is pure white. White curtains are flowing. Lilies are looking so fresh. A huge white seat is fixed at the centre of the room where God is supposed to sit. I have to sit right in front of it on the white chair.

God enters wearing the white robe, looks radiant. He looks into my eyes while sitting and gets ready to be interviewed.

My first question goes like this:

Me: What prompted you to create the universe?

God: I wanted to paint.

Me: How have you thought of Adam and Eve?

God: I wanted to love.

Me: Why you made Eve eat the forbidden fruit?

God: I wanted to feel pain.

Me: Why you sent them on earth?

God: I wanted to born as human.

Me: Why you made a cycle of life and death?

God: I wanted to be mortal.

Me: Why you gave us Bible?

God: I wanted all of you to be God………

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