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Better late than never ! Before I miss the boat let me share few pics for the theme “Straight lines.” When I think about straight lines I cannot visualise anything other than bamboo. Having stayed in North East of India for good three years I have fallen in love with this species. It grows really fast, a highly decorative plant and has multiple use. It is widely used in making garden fences, roofs, huts, staircase, a natural wall to block harsh sunlight in your garden area. Also eco friendly furniture, baskets, stationary items, bags, utensils and many more items are made out of this.

North East culture and their food is incomplete without bamboo. They eat tender bamboo shoot veg curry with rice, make bamboo pickle and also bamboo pakoras. The positive vibes of bamboo is now world known and people consider it as a good omen to keep woven bamboo stems arrangement in a pot as table decoration piece in their home or work place. So enjoy bamboo as straight lines. for CFFC.

I treasure what front eaves face
and all that north windows frame.

Bamboo winds lavish out windows,
pine colors exquisite beyond eaves,

I gather it all into isolate mystery,
thoughts fading into their source.

Others may feel nothing in all this,
but it's perfectly open to me now:

such kindred natures need share
neither root nor form nor gesture.

                              -Bai Juyi 

Bamboo ready for designing things
Bamboo ramp to climb up to get the most beautiful view from the top.
Bamboo ramp
Bamboo fence
A bench made of bamboo shoots
Tall and straight lines of bamboo trees

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