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Be the mindful owner of soul power

Be the mindful owner of soul power

Each of us possesses a power so pure,

A light that illuminates a spirit so sure,

This power of the soul is the fire beneath the skin,

that fuels our existence when life seems shaky, too thin.

With every step forward, it grows, an energy so strong, it overflows,

This force guides us through and gives vision, path shows

It’s the voice that wakes us, lifts, and pushes us to excel in every sphere,

The light in our eyes makes us see the rainbows up there.

It’s the courage for that challenge that we face,

Our soul power is the reason for this evolved human race.

So let us all be mindful of this magic bestowed on us by this universe

Embrace it, own it, and nurture your life decisions by its grace

let this angel be your guide to shine like a pearl indeed,

Go! Dream, believe in it, and achieve; you have what you need!

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