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The True Freedom of Soul and Spirit

In the realm of hearts, where courage resides,

True independence in our souls abides. 

Not just in flags that proudly fly, 

But in the spirit that soars high.

It’s in words, that bring strength

It’s in love that never ends

It’s not just breaking chains of old, 

But fostering dignity is a story untold. 

The liberty to dream, to dare, to strive, 

To shape our destinies as we come alive.

Independence is a beacon of light, 

Guiding us through the darkest of nights. 

It’s the right to speak, to disagree, 

In a tapestry woven with diversity.

Beyond borders, fields, beach and sand, 

A universal anthem across every land. 

A symphony of unity, where all hearts beat, 

In a world where empathy and love meet.

Breaking the shackles of prejudice and fear

Embracing growth, support from peer. 

It’s the happy expression of the soul, 

A step towards a harmonious goal.

True independence is not felt as a person 

It’s a freedom of thoughts and action

To rise above, to live and shine

Let love and humanity be the guide.

By- Rashmi Kashyap (soul n spirit)

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