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If emotions are tunnels and we are trains going through them
Then we need to keep moving all the way through to the other side
We have to move through the darkness to the peaceful light at the end of the tunnel
Have you ever sat in the darkness hoping everything will turn out right in the end
That’s what we call faith, when there is no no hope in human endeavor
Close your eyes, pretend we are some where else - a better place
The Soul n Spirit of mine comes to fore as fears have a short shelf life
Sometimes we do funny things, that’s a facade
Just to distract from the tight corner we are in
We are all looking for that secret side door exit where none exists
It is time to accept that for our only chance to survive is through our fears
Don’t do anything when you have the surge of emotions
Let them pass with tears rolling down dancing on the cheeks
The sense of rest that comes in the wake of letting go nourishes the Soul

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