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Wild is natural. It’s not tailored. It’s not planned at all. It forms and grows naturally which is why it is wild. It is nature’s expression of freedom. All kinds of vegetation grows freely and co exist with each other. Tall wild grass, huge tress, wild green bushes, thorny shrubs, open sky, waterfalls, beautiful bright flower all this and more, where else will you enjoy all this at one place except in the lap of wilderness.

Today sharing the glimpse of my nature trail in squares.

Surrounded by development, this patch of wilderness isn’t very far from our home however it was good enough to transport me in the world of serenity and solitude. It’s a wildlife habitat and a home to many endangered species. More pics in next post.

Enjoy the bright yellow wild flowers for Cee’s FOTD-15th Oct. I loved these yellow stars twinkling in the dusk light. Looked absolutely stunning. You don’t mind even if they don’t smell heaven. Not a exotic breed as a result of various cross pollinations, yet so beautiful.

Self sustained, untouched and unplanned wild landscape has given me much wanted peace and calmness within me.

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