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Chaos and Confusion 

“What’s going on here?”

I asked the person standing at the ticket counter. “Why there is so much crowd?”

“Ma’am they have been shooting for a Chinese film since morning. You know they are shooting for an action sequence, ” he replied excitedly. 

“O I see. That’s why so many Chinese people can be seen. Look at the chaos over there! local people are creating so much confusion.  Perhaps they want to see the shooting.” I said bluntly. 

“Oh no Ma’am, they aren’t the local people rather they are the local artists enrolled for the shooting.” he corrected me instantly. 

No doubt there was so much of confusion and chaos due to the shooting as they were blocking the way time and again to shoot an action sequence. Tourists had to patiently wait for them to give clearance once the take was done. 

No more retakes please,  let us go. In the meanwhile I made use of time by clicking some pictures of fort as well as mine. 

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