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I won’t lie if I say that all kind of curves and arches in buildings fascinates me to the core. It transports me to the world of roman style churches, Victorian age when Gothic architecture was in vogue. In India South Mumbai, Goa and Puducherry are the hub of that kind of architectural ruins or old churches where you can find them in plenty.

Then we have some old forts and palaces, temples with some interesting arched doors and windows. Old Delhi as well as south Delhi buildings also give you an opportunity to admire timeless arches. I have share some captures of arches in my previous posts so today I will have a different perspective on the theme. Sharing some of the pictures for CFFC: CURVY OR ARCHES

Curved roots clearly tells the history of this old tree
A modern twist to a traditional dish sweet dumplings called Modak. Mentioned in Hindu mythology also. The curved waffle.
The Mughal arch in modern set up
The curved trunk of Lord Ganesha
Arches in the porch of an ancient palace in Jaipur
Arches from Nizam era, the fort depicts their glorious past

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