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Do Mistakes But Don’t Persevere In Error

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To err is human and we all make mistakes sometimes or the other. Mistakes make us learn, grow and adapt to new things which we would’ve never tried otherwise. I too learned many things in life after committing mistakes. I remember my high school days when my father used to teach me mathematics. I wasn’t very good with numbers and would hate doing ratio, time, and percentage topics daily. I used to commit silly mistakes daily out of carelessness and being impulsive while solving sums. I would be in tears, felt embarrassed every time I did the same mistake but my father was so patient with me and he would keep saying, “Don’t feel bad. Keep practice as practice makes a man perfect.” It was quite annoying at that moment however I could only clear my high school math exam in the first division because of his faith.

I think making mistakes is not at all bad. Not admitting mistakes is worse. A person not taking responsibility for his mistakes lacks a sound moral character. We must accept and rectify it for our own good.

Another thing I want to stress here is that one must not repeat the mistakes when it hurts another person’s sensitivity. A person may hurt someone unintentionally and say sorry, right? But not twice or thrice. It amounts to ignorance. In addition, it reflects the aloof, harsh, insensitive side of a person who lacks empathy or concern for others. That should neither be accepted nor applauded.

I would conclude with these lines, “To err is human, but to persevere (in error) is diabolical.”Making mistakes is human nature, but persisting with the same mistakes is demonic behavior, -Seneca.

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