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To Err is Human……Let Them Learn

Daily Prompt: Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

Firstly I never give advise unless someone asks for it. 

Secondly Who cares? Will my friend listen to my advice?

Won’t he/she want to learn her own lessons in life? 

To err is human. It is a typical human nature to do those things about which they already have been cautioned.

Look at the child ! Mother tells him not to touch the glass of hot milk. Still he will go and burn his fingers. That is his experience of life. We all learn from our experiences, good, bad, ugly whatever but we all learn by doing.

Therefore my friend would definitely give it a try no matter how much I convince him/her not to do certain things. 

It is not necessary that if didn’t had a pleasant experience doing something then it would be same for everyone. 

Once I watched a movie and I found it terrible. I advised my friends not to waste money watching it but next day two of my friends went and watched it. They appreciated it so much that I felt embarrassed though I knew that they were actually saying it to prove me wrong. I decided not to give advice to others unless I have faith on a person that he/she will value that advice.

Now a days if you tell anybody that it is not at all worth going to that saloon, the prices are exorbitant then he will make it a point to get a hair cut from that saloon just to belittle you. May be they think that I don’t want them to get a same cut as mine, huh ! Why people are so complicated?

Why some people do exactly opposite of what they have been advised not to do? 

Still one advice for friends those who care:

Never buy a jeans or dress one size small IN HOPE to shed your weight to fit in that. You may take so long to wear it.

Most of us have not yet discarded our college day jeans, right?

I’m sorry, they don’t make dresses large on the inside and small on the outside!
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