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Gone are those Days

Notebook is a thing of the past. Who maintains it? Vanished somehow

Online schools are having classrooms on Google, Microsoft, Teams now

Where are those students who took pride to fill them up?

With their well-written essays, artistic illustrations, and maths projects

Covered neatly with brown paper, index marked with page number,

Now the solid books have replaced the word, excel soft copies,

Handwritten notes are so passe, submit online pdf documents

No need to trickle the grey cells when bountiful solutions are available on the net

Where are those teachers who were no less than a walking encyclopedia of their subject?

Ask them anything under the earth and they would give you a hundred new words

They used to be so particular with the notebook standards, getting an ‘A’ was so difficult

Now, who wants a notebook? Ah, such a waste, so cumbersome to check, rather prefer slides

The present cadre of teachers, more like techies, expect assignments online, sent in google drive

Today the prompts are: solid notebook bountiful cadre number

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