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How Yoga Enhances Your Inner Strength and Resilience


International Yoga Day was celebrated with great pomp and show worldwide on the 21st of June, like every year. On TV, I was proudly watching our honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, teaching yoga to international representatives of more than 180 countries. No wonder Yoga is the most loved form of holistic exercise today. Surprisingly most people still suffer from a lot of health issues. What may be the reason? 

Self-care is easier said than done. How does it work? Often, we look for someone else to remind us. Our friends, family, spouse, or, of course, our pets remain our source of joy and strength most of the time. That is natural to feel supported and safe among them. How do you behave when you have no one around? How strong or weak did you think on physical, emotional, and mental aspects during that time? Not all of us are as strong as we should be.   

Post-pandemic, things have changed a lot. Many have lost their loved ones and cannot be around people they feel good with. People have relocated due to work and are dealing with isolation. Now, more than ever, it’s a gift that we can manage our thoughts. 

Therefore we must develop our soul strength, intelligence, and resilience to fix things independently. It’s our endeavor to build resilience, stay motivated, and calm ourselves down. Building strength through yoga is possible. This article talks about how we can achieve that.

As individuals, we possess an innate source of strength and power within us. However, life’s challenges can make accessing this resilience difficult, leaving us at the mercy of circumstances. Thankfully, there are practices and rituals we can adopt to remain grounded and maintain our inner fire. This yoga sequence aims to help you tap into your inner strength, allowing you to face challenges confidently.

What are some other yoga poses that can help build strength and resilience?


Pranayama is a powerful way to cleanse the entire system and bring you closer to a positive state of being. Kapalabhati, also known as breath of fire, is a breath technique to help you shed the self-doubt and increase your resistance power and spirit. Sit comfortably, spine straight, pulled up, while closing your eyes. Now take four to five grounding deep breaths, inhale, then take short and sharp exhales out of your nose, and pump your belly with every breath you throw out. Do around twenty rounds, holding your breath for five seconds before exhaling. You can repeat another round of twenty breaths or return to a typical breathing pattern.


Come in the tabletop position, and place both wrists under your shoulders. Your knees should be under your hips. Inhale and look upward while dropping your belly. Exhale and gaze at your navel as you push the mat away and contract your abs. Repeat this movement ten times while coordinating it with your breath before you return to your natural spine.


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 Tuck your toes under by pressing your palms onto the mat. Extend your legs to reach your hips toward the ceiling for a downward-facing dog. Hold the position, taking any preferred movements for five breaths. On your next exhale, bring your right foot between your hands, then keep your left foot down at a 45-degree angle. Inhale when you come up. Exhale bending your right leg at a 90-degree angle. Extend your arms at shoulder height, and come into the WII pose.  Remember to engage your core and gaze over your front middle finger. Do ten breaths.

Goddess Pose

Shift from Warrior II by inhaling to straighten your legs. Stand facing the long edge of the mat. Now exhale, bend both knees and twist your arms at shoulder height. Find a steady gaze and stay in goddess pose for up to ten breaths.


To execute the cheetah pose, assume the goddess pose and straighten your legs while inhaling. Exhale and return to Warrior Two at the top of your mat. Reverse your warrior while inhaling. Exhale and place your palms on either side of the right foot. Proceed to downward-facing dog via a vinyasa. Extend your right leg behind you while inhaling, then exhale and press the mat away. Round your spine and crunch your knee into your chest to achieve the cheetah pose. Repeat this pattern three times, inhale and extend your leg behind you, then exhale and bring your knee into your wardrobe.

Wild Thing

Initiate the yoga sequence by shifting your weight onto your left hand while your three-legged dog stabilizes on three legs. Bend your right leg until your heel touches your left glute. Plant your right toes and extend your right arm overhead to open up through your side body. This pose is commonly known as the “wild thing.” Take five deep breaths while centering on opening your heart and pressing into your right foot. Subsequently, firmly plant your right palm and smoothly transition into a downward-facing dog posture. Repeat this sequence on the opposite side, initiating with the WII pose. 

You can take any grounding postures that feel harmonious with your body. Finish with a five-minute savasana to allow your practice to absorb. Return to your day feeling empowered and more tranquil. 

I hope I inspire you to unfold the strength, the resilience that you have within yourself. Try these yoga aasanas to improve your core, strength, and flexibility. It is always better to be a YOGI ( the one who practices yoga and in union with a higher conscious) to live longer than a BHOGI ( the one who only consumes and enjoys )

Love and positivity from Soul

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