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Indian Man with 14 inch Tail: Reincarnation of a Monkey God ?

If I had a chance to be reborn then I would like to be a free bird 

Or I would come back as a fashion diva or a page 3 star

President of a country or…….. its just that I have never thought about it.

Let me share you a strange thing happened in one of the corners of India.

An Indian is being worshipped as a reincarnation of monkey God, Hanuman 

Does he resembles a monkey? No, actually he has grown his hairy tail.article-2553786-1B4365B400000578-780_634x567

“A man with a 14.5-inch hairy tail growing from his back has been hailed as a god by villagers in India.
Chandre Oraon, 35, was born with a patch of hair on his lower back and has refused to have it cut, leading to locals believing that he is reincarnation of Hindu monkey deity Hanuman.”

His followers see his ability to climb trees as proof that he is Hanuman, and believe he has healing powers.

You can read the scientific as well as superstitious aspect of his story by clicking the link below. Photos credits: dailymail

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