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Lines make photography as a subject, very interesting. Lines create depth, lead the eye and convey specific messages. It can bring so many individual perspectives simply because every photographer has his own imagination and understanding of composition photography. Each angle will give you some great abstract results, and you will realize that line photography is not just about clicking lines but also about making a better impact.

Lines can be actual or implied ones. Lines can be found all around us, in nature and in man-made structures. In fact, we place a subject in portrait photography to create lines. We just need to pay attention.

Today I have picked up the ‘Lines’ theme for Becky’s Past Squares challenge.

Iron and steel structure at one of the metro construction sites

Several lines can be used for photography composition to create different effects to create kenspeckle pictures.

  1. Vertical lines
  2. Horizontal lines
  3. Diagonal lines
  4. Leading lines
  5. Implied lines
  6. Converging lines
  7. Curved lines
Lines of bumper yield on the field

I love to use leading lines impact in my photos. These leading lines can be defined as the lines that are framed and positioned by the photographer to bring the viewer’s attention towards a specific point of interest. Like in this picture the vanishing point created by the railway track lines creates depth and symmetry.

railway track representing lines
sprouts of barley seeds in straight lines
The wooden fence grabs more attention rather than the person in the picture, all due to the magic of lines

That’s all from me today. Clicking good pictures is an art and I am still learning each day. You cannot have shortcuts or tricks as it would be like deceit yourself. I hope you all have enjoyed the visit on my pages. I would love to read in the comments which picture did you like most. Thank you and have a nice day, Wishes from Soul.

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