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My garden is my Soul place

Being a nature lover I love to spend time in my garden at any time of the day. I have a variety of flora in small spaces and my soul gets a lift every time a flower blooms or any bud shows up. The shiny green leaves, the bees, and the butterflies fill me with immense joy. The satisfaction a gardener gets seeing his effort pay off like this is beyond expressing in words. You can see the beautiful blooms of different shades in a crowded space.

I wish one day I will be having a big, really big garden in my house. Recently many villas have been sold out here in our community and they had a beautiful lawn but we are not settled here permanently so there was no point in investing in property. It is difficult to manage things being away in some other city. I think a small house is manageable as you grow old.

No regrets I have been a blessed soul to live in such amazing old bungalows in army cantonment. Hope some more blooms will spread their sweet scent soon in my soulful garden. Have a great day, Soul. Joining FOWC and FOTD today,

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