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Lookin’ Out My Door: I See My Tree House !

This is what it looks like when I look out my door or window. Look at my beautiful green lawn and a equally green tree house ! 

The tree house is undoubtedly one of the attractive features of my small garden. I love to sit there in the evening and enjoy watching the garden blooms.

You know what? I never miss a chance to sit there when it rains. The cool breeze brings the gentle showers on my face and body which is just so refreshing ! I can spend hours there listening to the sweet song of birds. The flowers of the creeper planted in a pot kept there fills the air with its sweet fragrance. The whole experience is so calming as well as relaxing.

Another feature is of course a small water pond. The blue lotus welcome us every morning.

If I look out my back door or window then my kitchen garden smiles at me. Shiny, crunchy, new leaves of lettuce and spinach tempt me to toss a healthy salad. The yellow mustard flowers in one corner reminds me of yellow fields of Punjab state.

All in all a happy peeping out ! 

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