Soul n Spirit

No Phobia Shmobia: Hear the Sound

If I had to live forever I would be a child, like both of them….

Listening to the sound of waves, banging into hem

Carefree, innocent, funny, would love to dream all day along

Lying on rocks, swimming in water and singing a song….

Observing the world, sense of hearing would be strong,

A pure heart with twinkling eyes , childhood is golden age

Poets have expressed so beautifully this first stage

How much scared I was to grow old

Now I have past that stage, became bold


I want to be what I’m, comfortable in my skin

Wisdom gained, experienced hands, kith and kin

Handle work and home together, remain in spin

A wife, a mother who finds happiness around her sons

He plays the drum and I enjoy the beats, love the music sessions

He has conquered his fear of forgetting beats during performance

No phobia, he goes and give it all he has, in the audiance

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