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Not Tooting my own Horn….. This is ME !!!


Innocence of a child, sweetness of a pie

Living life happily, contented, regret not die

I want to live, experience the truth, worth a try

Beautiful world, clouds, mist, rainbow and sky

Deep oceans, virgin woods, nature near by 

Knowledge makes me spirited soul, not a sly

I am moon myself, glowing silver light in the sky

I live in a moment” live it well

engrossed, committed, pride to swell

I become what is to be expected

living this very moment, not regretted

Time to move, I become ” Movers and Packers “

Living out of boxes, posted to exotic places

Hey ! I become traveller during vacations

A explorer reaching out to untouched locations

I am a photographer giving it a try

I am moon myself, glowing silver light in the sky

As soon as I enter the campus, an updated educator

a friend,guide, philospher to young custodians forever

I become a wife to greet my man in the evening

flashing million dollar smile ,fresh and glowing

Living this very moment totally enchanted

I feel like a writer, read, laugh and cry

A spirited soul, the moon myself,

glowing silver light in the sky

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

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