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Oneness with nature

The harvest is plenteous, but the labourers are few. The giver is giving through unlimited hands, but our receptivity is limited. Unfortunate are those who die counting the materialistic achievements. Blessed ones fill their treasures with nature’s bounty.wpid-wp-1446712177613.jpeg

There is so much a forest has on offer, just because human eyes or the camera cannot spot a animal in the frame doesn’t mean there aren’t any. It means we have a limited capability to see with our naked eyes. Nature never disappoints. For a seeker there is peace, colors, endless trails, symphony, and divine smell of the forest. A good safari is more than a sumptuous meal where all senses are more than satisfied. I prefer nature trips rather than going to over populated tourist destinations by train or planes. Something which soothes my soul and uplift my spirits.

Photo credits: Sharad Kumar Vats, who is my dear friend, director at Nature Safari Pve Ltd. Chitvan Jungle Lodges Pvt. Ltd. He is a professional photographer too and recently one of his photos reached till the final round of Nikon Photo of the year. I love his work. You can view more such pics on nature, tiger and wildlife by clicking here.

Now some of my pics that I took during the jeep safari while I was visiting national parks located in different parts of India.

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