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Rains, Wind Storm and the Tree Toppled


It’s raining like cats and dogs. Thunder storms, evening showers, strong winds, toppling of  trees and bent electric polls are common in India where I live. 

No doubt this is the best time around when everything turns green. Weather is so pleasant and the cool breeze blows day and night but the rains bring agony of floods, crop damage, traffic jams and long power cuts due to trees falling on electric wires and poles. 

Day before yesterday while I was enjoying my hot cup of coffee gusting winds forced the branches to sway back and forth. Soon the strong wind changed into storm followed by heavy rains, Quickly I rushed out in the garden with my camera to click few photos for my blog.

I heard a loud crack. The tallest tree at the backyard of my house was thrown by wind and it fell on the ground. As it toppled the limb tangled in telephone wire. I watched everything in shock. I knew I was out of connectivity as my landline was dead now, making no sound, silence…..

Today my landline and broadband connection was functional again, I was desperate to log in after migraine attack. I was in pain for 36 hours. Many many thanks for giving me good wishes, valuable advices and for including me in your prayers. I am overwhelmed to receive the love and concern from my most cherished world, the bloggers community, the readers and faithful friends. Love you all. I am much better now. Looking forward to read your posts.

How does it matters whether it’s a autumn or winter, summer or spring

The highlight of the season has been love,compassion, care and bonding

Will remain forever. No matter where I live, I will live in your thoughts

Looking forward to stay in your hearts, so much happiness it has brought

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