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Satire? Warm welcome to a Wrinkle

I woke up one day and realized……OMG !

I had a new wrinkle on my face close to my right eye !

 I was looking ten years older than what I was the previous night. I sulked but quickly I gathered my courage and told myself,

“Cool down Rashmi ! Beyond the initial shock, nothing great is going to happen in my life”…. Read an open letter to my new monsterous wrinkle

Dear new Wrinkle,

I wish to extend my apologies that I could not show you my excitement and anxiety at your arrival which you deserved. I was unprepared for this date but then you only decided to visit me on a spur of a moment. Though bit uncomfortable with your presence it was certainly not all hell broke loose for me after meeting you.

Since I didn’t mind your unanticipatedly landing but let me apprise you with some facts and conditions before you start feeling at home. You must not expect any special treatment here at my expanse. No pampering and extra care will be extended to you. Be my guest and enjoy the hospitality extended to other aging agents members.

You have to share space with my grey hairs camouflaged with rich hues of plum shade, to feel comfortable with my eyes losing sight slowly, to bear with my expandable waistline reluctant to reduce further despite crash diets, to be friendly with my sluggish metabolism and Yes… please bear with my skin sending warnings to sag anytime. There will be few more, like Miss.Double chin ever excited to pose while being clicked and dear show spoiler belly fat who simply refuses to leave me.

All my permanent guests live in peace and harmony with each other. Why I am telling you all this ? …… To make you aware of the fact that I am not going to run from pillar to post to get rid of you. It is neither disturbing nor depressing for me as I am perfectly at ease in your company.

You must be thinking,”How can I be so insensitive to you?” Sorry for my callous behaviour at the same time wish to inform you that my family,friends and well-wishers love me for what I am and not How I look at a particular age. Who is going to notice you at all except me ? Few wrinkles on my neck and face cannot dilute my status to an old wrinkled leather bag which has outlived its utility. So chill out my friend !

You don’t stand a chance to distract me as well as interfere in my daily course of things. Literally no time to count my wrinkles after whole day’s toil and sweat. My endeavor would be to indulge in productive things.

Rest is fine. I have some important tasks to accomplish, some challenges to meet and have fun. Feel at home. Hope you enjoy your stay with me. Looking forward to a healthy association. Wish you good luck.

Yours lovingly……

The Spirited Soul 🙂

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