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The Full Moon: Can’t change myself with Lunar Phases

Well, I realized that I have actually never clicked the moon with my real camera. All the pictures I have of moon were either clicked by my mobile or my Sony point and shoot. This is the only pic I took with my Nikon DSLR the same night I purshased it.  I didn’t even know most of the funchions by then. Once my friend Jathin of ProTraBlogger published a post where he shared the tips of how to click a perfect moon shot. I liked that post and clicked some cool pics. Unfortunately I did not save it in my laptop. It must be in my hard drive though. Now coming to the prompt.….

I am what I am. Certainly not a chameleon or a ghost who changes her colour every now and then or turns herself into something else with Lunar phases. 

Sorry, I don’t have the art to make me turn into a person who’s the opposite of who I normally am, at the occurance of full moon. Full moon appears fortnightly and it is a universal cycle. It doesn’t effects me much as a person.

I have nothing new to describe about me. I have the same old hair cut since no other hair cut suits me. Whenever I go for a change I finally end up ruining my look therefore I am very concious about my hair style. Neither I went for a cosmetic surgery nor indulged in tummy tucks to look slimmer ( new?)  I haven’t purchased any new dress for me for last so many days. Old ones are good enough. 

When the full moon happens generally I like to go for evening walks with my husband. I really like the moment when full moon appears, soon it starts rising high in the sky. It is a pleasant experience to see it happening while you are walking and observe the moon going up.

There are many Bollywood songs dedicated to full moon. we have just finished our dinner and it is 10 p:m at night. Time for me to go for a light walk listening to old melodies. I have some songs in my mobile too. Which famous song you like based on moon? Do share with me.

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