Fill The Frame: Bold and Bright

Sometimes, a subject is so striking you want it to be the only thing in your image.  This is precisely the topic of this week’s  A photo a Week Challenge: Fill The Frame These flowers and leaves in my garden look so bold and sharp in colors and are perfect for this theme. Gerbera flowers […]

Chand Minar @ Daulatabad from every angle

Last month I visited the famous Deccan fort which is not very far from my home. I enjoyed both trekking and photography that day. I clicked the famous minar from every angle which is located inside the fortified area. A Brief Introduction Chand Minar is at Daulatabad. It was built in the Turkish style in […]

I Listen to My Heart

Make an important decision? Only way I know is to listen to my heart. It is a big risk and I can’t blame anyone later on if it proves wrong. I have been taking decisions based purely on instincts, so far proved lucky for me. It could have ruined my life if went wrong. Be […]