Thursday Photo Prompt: The Chest #write photo


What’s inside this ancient chest?

That’s what an old man told

Who bought this box of secrets here.

“Accounts of wars, chronicles attest

 Moist uniforms, commander’s behest

Those who were buried, taking rest

Swords of kings, helmets of soldiers

Blood stained arrows pierced through chest

Rust coated knives, broken shovels

Saga of bravery, story of blood test

Tears and pain of kith and kin

Tortured souls wounded and dead

Crushed dreams, young widows

Kings turned monks to fulfill quest

The chest is like archives to dead and arrest

How can you miss a tainted crest !”

Let’s find out those magical keys

And open this corroded mystery

Oh, the keys were bent and pressed

The old man had thrown it away and said,

“Don’t take the war devil out

If you want a peaceful nest.”



Today when I came back home from shopping

Saw this feline, who quietly in the garden, resting

I hastely put my bags and clinched my camera

Waiting for him to come closer, to catch his aura_DSC2379.JPG

He came from nowhere, never seen before in my lawn

He pounced on a mice as he crossed, later he yawned

Stretched, relaxed, he lay down in one of the flower beds

The lemon tree above made a nice cool shed _DSC2380

As I rushed to click a picture, he gave me a perfect oops moment

He squeezed his eyes tightly and went off to sleep, refused to sit

I had to wait till my furry guest wakes up and gives me a hint

So what if he came unexpected, he is now a part of my guest list


How embarrassing it was for me. I was constantly nagging, ticking off children for losing the expensive pen which I gifted them, blamed them not to value gifts and then one fine day I got it inside my pouch which I carried to school. Actually I had borrowed it for my work few days before, forgot to return, and later on kept on scolding my sons for the careless handling of things. Ashamed of my behaviour I had to eat a humble pie.

Never mind I guess all mothers are more or less like this. They scold and then they pamper. Of course I baked a cake for my brats who faced the music without their fault. Isn’t it looking good in the picture above?

URI 145

Tarun has a habit of  keeping things in a safe place only to forget later on. When he can’t recollect his so called safe place then he simply announces that it was me whom he handed over the things. I keep on rejecting the idea and suggest him to check his brief cases. Very confidently he would open his bags in front of me and turns red when he finds it right there where I told him. No wonder he smiles and eats a humble pie.

What about you? Does it happen with you during one of these days ?


This poem totally expose our politicians while “the people” eat humble pie…..

The Elitists in Government are dragging their feet,
while “the people” eat humble pie and sweat,
wondering how far their lives will plunge into
the unknown depths of chaos and debt,
They wine, dine and schmooze on the
Hill of no thrills,

In the meantime, people are losing their homes,
Dropping dead or electing to end
their lives with pills or any means they
can find, because they can’t afford to
take care of their children as they should,
Yet, the Politicians continue to act as if
United States’ condition is “All Good”

With indifference they retire to their mansions
and lives of prosperity, while the “little people”
are left hanging in the wind,
Then they turn around and blame their incompetence
on the only minority who is desperately trying to save the
country from ruin and pestilence…..


Margeret Bailey



The first man I met in the morning

Was old, sitting at the door, yawning

As I went for my morning walk

I saw his fragile figure, thin and dark

Once strong, agile, glowing human

Now wrinkled, shrinked, aged  man

Done his duties, fought his battle

Tired, withered, dry eyes, shriveled 

Faced hardships, struggled, battered heart

Slippers at side, thinking for long

“Will my children take me along?

My body is aching, as if falling apart,

vigor and strength of bones depart

I have a stone where once I had a heart

I may be alone, aloof, shaky and bit sad 

Inside this old carcass, still a young lad !!!”

 I met this luckiest old man, there he sat.










My heart lies there where snow peaks shine through sky

Let me move to and fro where the mountains are so high



I will be a wandering poet, embracing the nature, evolving each day

Enjoy the music produced by brook and beck chatter over stony way


The other place my soul feel happy would be the abode of clouds

I would be lost in mist, I glance, huffy puffy clouds touch the ground


I walk along Pine and Chinar, through willow and deodar 

I slide, I glide, I dance while clouds would take me farIMAG1711

The trees would keep me grounded whereas clouds give me wings

I fall, I rise, I flow, make my way through pebbles, to welcome spring



lightThe experience of being outside your room
looking in, would be so delightful
I will see how our love blooms
To find you lost and thoughtful

You will write a letter and smile
The correct words, oh, you won’t find
You will text me a message,worthwhile
Without batting a eyelash,I descry

I’ll blush,when you whisper my name
You will kiss my picture gently
Moving closer to the window pane
My lips will stamp a kiss softly

You wear the shirt I gifted you
I’ll feel so grateful to love you.
I must move as you will leave soon
Oh, I shouldn’t get late to date you….



Scared of Hospitals and Diseases

icu-in-india-hospitalI am too scared of hospitals and I hate going to doctors. 

The smell, the syringe 

needles, overflowing fluids

Open wounds, pain and screams

Panic, prayers, fearful some

Oh, I faint at the sight of blood

Nurses, OT, ICU, MI Rooms

Laboratories, equipments

Blood, medicines, 

Expression on doc’s face

when he tells his diagnosis 

Hearing with pale face

Pounded heart, sweated body

I almost feel dead near mortuary 

God, please keep me away from hospitals

They are only good to visit new born babies

If I ever have to go for check-ups

I pray and pray, thank heaven

So dreadful the thought of admission

No, I never want to be under observation.

# Fright Night