Rashmi Kashyap

To calm, comfort, heal and elevate

the souls through my digital content and in person as well.

On a mission to be a Soulager

I’m just a soul who believes in the transformative power of positivity.

I help people in identifying their soul power, core values, overcoming their limited beliefs through my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

A Spirited Soul | A millennial at heart and

I help people to enjoy the brimming cup of life – To the Full and Till the End | If you need help in optimizing your inner strength and navigating your soul power to become a better version of yourself, add more bliss into your life by doing small changes | Consider me a harbinger of positivity and self-growth | Strong value system and a pure soul are needed to be a happier and better version of yourself | I Believe we all can make an Impact | We Become what We Believe.

I am an educationist with two decades of experience, a budding author, and a spirited blogger with a background in fashion designing, counseling, and bridging the gap between the human spirit and the eternal soul. I am a passionate traveler with a flair for experiencing delicate cuisines and recounting those visually for my followers in the social media rendition. My innate ability to pen a poem on the go has mesmerized the audience. The accompanying creative inquisitiveness bridges the gap in the human discourse on emotional wellbeing. In a nutshell, I am a Spirited Soul who has touched many lives and made a place in people’s hearts with my human aura and mentoring as a soul healing practitioner. The emotions are evident in the testimonials. Do check those while you are here.

My forte lies in guiding individuals to rise beyond their fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs and achieve holistic success in their respective professions and lives. I have helped people overcome their limitations, making peace with themselves through my life soul therapy. Being a storyteller, I enrich my audience with the valuable life experiences I gained, having traveled India’s length and breadth.

I have inspired many people, including young minds, through lectures, powerful poetry, positive talks, articles, one-on-one coaching, videos, and quotes. I commenced my professional journey as a fashion designer, followed by a teacher, administrator, and coordinator of various Army institutions pan India. I then turned full-time blogger and entrepreneur, enabling me to observe both sides of a coin. I consider myself a humble repository of transformational knowledge with more than 25 years of teaching experience (building community and agro-business, speaking professionally, coaching parents and teenagers) as a certified career counselor. To give back to society, I have adopted a small village and am working closely with start-ups towards uplifting poor people by generating employment for them. My husband is a retired army officer, professional speaker, and start-up coach; he is the wind beneath my wings. I call him the spirit of my soul.


Do You Want to Transform Your Life For Better?

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