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Need to be conscious

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

My husband is out of station and so my elder son. Son no.2 is preparing for his debate competition to be held tomorrow in his school. So right now the nearest person is my neighbor, actually an elderly couple who constantly miss their sons as they both don’t stay here with their parents.

The other option is a nice thing to do – To call someone if you have to.

I have whole lot of friends, relatives and of course my son is always happy to receive my call.

Have you ever experienced that sometimes you can actually cure a person’s depression by talking to him/her on phone?

I recently felt so. was fortunate to assist, to let someone feel light. Did I feel drained out? No, I felt worth that God has chosen me to help someone cure. May God bless the restless soul and I do hope that so called treatment to tackle depression must not eventually bring more pain and agony to the individual as causes to a disease are always multiple. 

If throwing the venom was the only option, I kiss the poison, it’s fine

Bring on more ! I’m a soul seeking for happiness in the psalms of life !

Why not use phones for spreading love rather than hatred ? Point to ponder…..

Dedicated to politicians, page 3 lot and scheming minds:

Avoid hitting below the belt by taping the phone calls.

Kindly don’t put the call on speaker without informing the person at other end. The person comes to know while talking. You may lose your credibility.

Never blackmail a person since you have somehow succeeded in hearing the conversation on other phone with cross connection. It is a breach of trust.

The act may termed as illegal and  against the ethics of phone etiquettes. It reflects insecurity and fear.

In response to the daily prompt S/he said

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