Priceless and precious bundle of joy

sparkling bright eyes, a twinkle to enjoy

Soft cushioned hands, a gentle touch

Infectious smile, communicate love

Charming face transmit only trust

Chubby cheeks, glitter as gold

My sweetie, a wonder to hold

Ten tiny fingers and little toes

A miracle of life, affection shows

 Sweetie pie, my younger son 

O I miss his childhood fun

He wasn’t literate then 

 we still used to communicate

Holding his hand, filled with joy

He is our own little boy

No words, no language to speak

Only love and care at peak_DSC2432You can read my last year’s response for the same prompt also.


Who doesn’t like Warli Art? Maharashtra is known for its beautiful Warli folk paintings. The touch, the feel, the appearance and the smell of mud walls…..everything evokes the power of human senses and takes him back to the era of pre-historic cave paintings.

Warli art, is cultural intellectual poetry for tribal community.
warli tribes belong to costal areas of Gujrat-Maharashtra borders and also live in mountainous region, they speak unwritten varli language. The art was first discovered in early seventies.IMG_3119_2

It is generally the women folk who are associated with this art and they used it to decorate the walls of village houses. This art form is far simpler than its counterpart Madhubani paintings ( Famous folk paintings of Bihar state)

In fact fashion designers were so influnced by this art form that they have created an entire line of dresses based on Worli patterns. There is an exclusive range from T-Shirts, tops, ladies/gents kurtas, saris to bed sheets and coasters widely available in shops.

It is soothing and has a rural, earthly appeal. The paintings depict festivals, harvesting, dancing, sowing and other day to day scenes of the tribal life.IMG_3161_2.JPG
Wall paintings are extremely elementary and use a basic graphic vocabulary of circle, triangle and a square. They depict social life, the images of animals and human beings are among the main motifs painted in a loose rhythymic manner.IMG_3132
Painted white on mud, the paintings are pretty close to pre-historic caves paintings and you can just smell the wet soil and observe the calloused brush strokes. White color is obtained from rice grounded into powder.Green or brown handmade paper is also used to paint them.IMG_3022_2.JPG

These folk paintings are considered sacred and supposed to invoke the powers of God.
No important rituals/functions (like marriage and naming ceremonies) takes place without these paintings.
So next time whenever you visit India and land in Mumbai do include a visit to Warli tribes in your scheme of things. You won’t regret it !!!IMG_3131

The Three Musketeers’ Diwali

Yes, it was the ultimate celebration for the people closest to me. Occasion was Diwali festival. Venue was home sweet home and I planned a party for my dear husband and our two sons.

Being one of the major festivals, one remains busy throughout the day. The day starts with early morning “Shudh snanam” which means massaging head with coconut oil and body with sesame oil. Then applying pack made of gram flour, malai ( cream) and rose water to scrub off the dead skin and finally rinse it with warm water. This makes the skin and hair glow. Though oil bath is a weekly ritual in South India, it has a special significance on Diwali.

Reluctant to go through the process initially, my three musketeers finally agreed to massage followed by bath. “No painful scrubbing and messy bathroom”, they declared.They were all set to glow in the evening.

Laughter all the way....The younger one is the naughtiest !
Laughter all the way….The younger one is the naughtiest !

House was set for the evening lightings. Diyas, Rangoil, decorations were taken care of. Sweets were made. Temple was decorated for Laxmi Poojan. Eco friendly crackers were bought.

_DSC2664Though lady of the house is treated as Goddess Laxmi as she is the one who brings prosperity, happiness and wealth in the family, the corner of deities had to be decorated well to welcome Maa Laxmi.

My temple
My temple

 Just a personal touch of my cookery skills, few home made candles to make the ambience warm and welcoming, old country music to play in the background…!

Oh YES! some fresh flowers along with greens from the garden and HERE I GO…..

If it looks like an arrangement to you..... Tried my hand
If these three look like arrangements to you….. 

And then it was time to be ready wearing a big smile to welcome the guests……of course my husband and kids were top on the list along with friends and neighbors. Happy Diwali !!!_DSC2652

It was a day filled with mutual love and affection. I received so much of love from my three handsome hunks for whatever little bit I had done for them. How did you like my Diwali preparations friends?

Satire? Warm welcome to a Wrinkle

I woke up one day and realized……OMG !

I had a new wrinkle on my face close to my right eye !

 I was looking ten years older than what I was the previous night. I sulked but quickly I gathered my courage and told myself,

“Cool down Rashmi ! Beyond the initial shock, nothing great is going to happen in my life”…. Read an open letter to my new monsterous wrinkle


Dear new Wrinkle,

I wish to extend my apologies that I could not show you my excitement and anxiety at your arrival which you deserved. I was unprepared for this date but then you only decided to visit me on a spur of a moment. Though bit uncomfortable with your presence it was certainly not all hell broke loose for me after meeting you.

Since I didn’t mind your unanticipatedly landing but let me apprise you with some facts and conditions before you start feeling at home. You must not expect any special treatment here at my expanse. No pampering and extra care will be extended to you. Be my guest and enjoy the hospitality extended to other aging agents members.images-15

You have to share space with my grey hairs camouflaged with rich hues of plum shade, to feel comfortable with my eyes losing sight slowly, to bear with my expandable waistline reluctant to reduce further despite crash diets, to be friendly with my sluggish metabolism and Yes… please bear with my skin sending warnings to sag anytime. There will be few more, like Miss.Double chin ever excited to pose while being clicked and dear show spoiler belly fat who simply refuses to leave me.

All my permanent guests live in peace and harmony with each other. Why I am telling you all this ? …… To make you aware of the fact that I am not going to run from pillar to post to get rid of you. It is neither disturbing nor depressing for me as I am perfectly at ease in your company.

You must be thinking,”How can I be so insensitive to you?” Sorry for my callous behaviour at the same time wish to inform you that my family,friends and well-wishers love me for what I am and not How I look at a particular age. Who is going to notice you at all except me ? Few wrinkles on my neck and face cannot dilute my status to an old wrinkled leather bag which has outlived its utility. So chill out my friend !

You don’t stand a chance to distract me as well as interfere in my daily course of things. Literally no time to count my wrinkles after whole day’s toil and sweat. My endeavor would be to indulge in productive things.

Rest is fine. I have some important tasks to accomplish, some challenges to meet and have fun. Feel at home. Hope you enjoy your stay with me. Looking forward to a healthy association. Wish you good luck.

Yours lovingly……

The Spirited Soul 🙂