How Yoga Enhances Your Inner Strength and Resilience


International Yoga Day was celebrated with great pomp and show worldwide on the 21st of June, like every year. On TV, I was proudly watching our honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, teaching yoga to international representatives of more than 180 countries. No wonder Yoga is the most loved form of holistic exercise today. […]



The Big Fat Indian Wedding is slowly gearing up for a sustainable makeover. Weddings have always been a much-talked affair in our country. Why it shouldn’t be? After all, the rich and influential have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to flaunt their opulence, social standing, and family power. In urban India, flaunting destination weddings on social media […]

Here’s Why You Must Go for Indian Sustainable Fashion Brands


Indian brands are taking a stand for sustainability with their commitment to zero-waste design, small-scale production, and traditional Indian practices. They prioritize ethical manufacturing, cruelty-free materials, and upcycled products. Despite growing environmental concerns and consumerism, these brands lead the way in responsible and thoughtful design processes for clothing, footwear, and accessories. With Mumbai-based ‘Doh Tak […]

10 Indian Wedding Brands to shop this Wedding Season 2023

It’s wedding season! Investing in timeless pieces for your bridal trousseau is vital so they can be used for years and even passed down as heirlooms. Post-pandemic weddings have entered the Renaissance age and become more personalized and elaborate. The 2023 wedding season will highlight personal style, cultural heritage, and modern design.  Recently a few […]

8 Fashion Blunders you must avoid

Indian fashionista

In today’s world, many fashion enthusiasts are self-taught influencers. We often rely on these style icons to keep up with the latest trends, which can also lead to fashion blunders. It’s important to note that making fashion mistakes does not warrant negative criticism or judgment. Instead, it refers to habits and clichés that may hold […]

How To Reduce Cosmetic Waste To Be Sustainable

It was indeed shocking to read the report on just how much waste the cosmetics industry generates. Even worse, “the biggest chunk of cosmetic waste mostly ends up in landfills,” stated Australia’s Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment notes. The report says that the Global Cosmetic industry touched $662bn. We only made it possible, […]

Here’s how India’s Harnaaz sandhu Miss Universe 2021 reached at the top

Miss Universe 2021 - Harnaaz Sandhu

Today the world knows Harnaaz Sandhu. And why not? After all, She has brought laurels to India by winning the coveted title of Miss Universe beating rivals from Paraguay and South Africa at an event hosted in Israel. She came as a woman of substance when she urged people to, She added, “I believed in […]