I am what I am supposed to be…

Verbal Confirmation   I live in a moment” live it well engrossed, committed, pride to swell I become what is to be expected living this very moment, not regretted   I become a daughter to grow, to be pampered My in-laws know me as a home maker I display my cookery skills for a sumptuous dinner Being a mother I […]


Thou swept me off my feet ! Haven’t thou? I found my soulmate in thee, Aren’t thou? “Ay love ! ” Floored I was with thy charm, smitten by sheer simplicity, Thou took my breath away, respected my inhibitions and individuality; Winged cupid played his part well, musical notes evolved into symphony, “Ay me!” my soul […]

The World Needs……( A poetry collaboration )

The world needs nothing…. but a soul awakening, All we need is bonding and strengthening. We need to love each other and spread the message, Let’s embrace Humanity and shun the ego baggage. We have enough of everything in this world, Alas! Nobody is contented with what earned. This is the time to make right […]