I constantly move to deserts and valleys

Climbing mountains, passing from cities 

Exploring the woods, meeting the locals 

Learning tribal culture, enjoy their fests

Having a bag full of memories to cherish 

That don’t get faded with time, stay fresh 

Love going back to the memory lane 

Calling old friends, close they remain 

The nostalgia lingers on forever 

Nothing can replace the sheer joy 

Looking at the pictures, smiles and tears 

Sweet memories can never fade away.


Yes, The famous Winston Churchill House is our den now !

As you all know by now that I have shifted recently and very proudly I want to share that we have been alloted the famous heritage bunglow called “THE RETREAT”.

 History says Sir Winston Churchill as a young sub altern stayed in this house ” The Retreat”  while on a visit to India. It is rumoured that when he went back to England and later become one of the most famous prime ministers of Britain, he gave a ‘royal’ pension of 1 pound to the orderly who served him here, and the orderly, though not named received this pension till his death.

The day my husband broke this news to me I was thrilled with joy. I grabbed my phone and surfed Google to dig into the history. I felt so fortunate to get a chance to live in such a historical bunglow.  I was waiting for the day when I would be stepping in the house and finally when I did  I fell in love with it at the first sight…..A  liminal phase started thereafter…. in terms of settling down since it is entirely different from the previous houses we were alloted. Not that this was the first time we have got a bunglow in services but this one is really old and huge. Not many renovations have been done and the original walls and architecture is still intact. I am doing it step by step.

The heritage building was constructed in 1856. This is what I read on official website:

“Though many in the city are familiar with a some examples of built heritage within the cantonment limits, few are aware about the existence of structures like Deccan House, The Abbey and numerous other monumental buildings which have survived despite the passing of two centuries. Amongst buildings with high associational value is ‘The Retreat’, one of several quaint colonial bungalows, which served as Sir Winston Churchill’s residence in 1896. It was during his sojourn at Secunderabad that the redoubtable statesman first met his early flame Pamela Chichele-Plowden, daughter of the then British Resident at Hyderabad, at a polo match. Churchill, then a subaltern in the British army was the star performer of the meet and is said to have swept the lady off her feet. Their courtship, which lasted till 1902, was amicably terminated in England.”

Hoping to have a great tenure here. I AM LOVING IT. More pictures in next post.

Catching Lost Breath

IMG_0729After climbing so many stairs, I had to catch my breath ! This was early in the morning while I went for the weekly trek and couldn’t climb further without a short break. Huffing and puffing, I needed to drink water and of course it was time to click few pictures. I was having my i phone to do the honors. 

This is a plateau with steep climb. As I started climbing I saw erected Buddha statues on both the sides of the stairs. They were made of metal, cement, fibre and were different in texture and shape from each other.IMG_0742.JPGIt was so hot early in the morning and frankly speaking not a very conducive weather for trekking but since Tarun had found this route so couldn’t say no. We both went early in the morning and quickly climbed so that we could come back before sunrise. I was not able to match the pace with Tarun, was breathing heavily, sweating and finally sat down on a bench to catch my breath….refused to move till I felt okay. Poor him….he had no other option except sitting next to me and wait for my approval to start again.

Now a days I go out of breath so soon as I start running on my tread mill. May be age is catching up and I am losing on my stamina. I have to do something about it but what?…….

Would like to hear from you folks. How do manage to stay active? I’m finding difficult with each passing year.



For me today’s one word  is Struggling….


giving up…..

feeling shallow…..

Don’t know how to say you all this…..excatly after four months….

Last four months….no blogging, no writing, no photography I mean I had lost my soul, my spirit, I wasn’t doing the things I love….. I am still nervous….feels like as if I have to start from sctrach…..

I didn’t plan it….it happened on its own….In the begignning of new year I was extremely busy and was not able to write actually. Many bloggers left a note on my last post and I replied too that I would be back soon . I had no idea by then that it would take so long to come back.

Have I lost it? O my God ! I am freezed !….

My followers must have left me, forget me….
What had happened to me? Why was I so reluctant not to log in and write something? Was I running away from myself? My husband told me so many times to leave everything stupid I was knee deep involved with and start blogging but I was adamant not to. Was I tired of blogging and taking work as an excuse? No, after all I was doing for my husband and he needed my support. Or was I trying to prove myself as a dedicated and sincere one to the world? Does anyone care out there, huh?

I missed my friends so much, I used to feel so bad for not reading their blogs…..I terribly missed writing someone,”Keep inspiring” but then why I was not telling her? Why couldn’t I just post two lines.. ” HEY ! I AM MISSING YOU ALL BADLY…ISN’T THERE ANYOTHER WAY  THAT I CAN BE IN TOUCH WITH YOU ALL….NOT ABLE TO BLOG, DON’T FEEL LIKE TYPING ANYMORE.” I was in a different world altogether totally away from creativity and me-time.

Things changed when my husband read one of the mails in my mail box ( I wasn’t even checking my mails ! ) and found out a massage of a very special person. She was really perturbted about my sudden silence. She is a great source of strength to me and Tarun has a fair idea about my feelings for her therefore he told me to act immidietalely. I don’t know whether she will read this or not but ‘ “I’m really sorry for not checking your mail. I am so fortunate to have you in my well-wisher’s list.

Don’t know whether how many people remember this soul and spirit but those who miss me…..(Yes I know few of them who were worried about me and wondered about my long absence) I am so sorry not to reply to their e mails or queries.

I will try to be more regular and will leave a note in case I go away. Has it ever happened with you? looking for answers…..





On 2nd of Dec. India woke up to watch dejected,  traumatized, hopeless faces of innocent people of Chennai. 

Everything was absolutely fine till 30th Nov. I posted my last post on WordPress and went to school in the morning, came back, felt happy to see the pictures of the couple, both are dear friends, enjoying in Mumbai. They were to leave Chennai within few days. All their stuff was packed and they had gone to Mumbai for a couple of days to do initial formalities before shifting finally.

God had different plans for them. On the very first day of Dec. Chennai recorded 374mm rainfall and it was supposed to continue for the week, declared weather forecast.

The scene was changed by the evening and Chennai was set to face its worst floods in 100 years.

As  I watched the mind numbing pictures on TV and scary scale of disaster unfolding, I felt so worried for my friends out there in Chennai. Army cantonment was submerged in water along with the entire city.

Within no time the sad news started pouring in through facebook and whatsapp. The senior couple had lost everything in destructive floods. Their ground floor house was totally ravaged by floods and the material devastation was beyond control. Here are some of the pics shared by them on fb.

This was bound to happen. Innocent people had to pay the price for poor management. Another natural disaster occurred due to the reckless development. Army and Indian Air Force saved many lives and done outstanding rescue work but many are still missing. No news from friends whose children were staying in Chennai hostels, another senior gentleman and his wife could not be evacuated in time. May their soul rest in peace.

While officials at the India Meteorological Department have said the exceptionally strong El Niño, along with a rare “coincidence of various factors”, has resulted in the heavy rain, there’s no denying that Chennai has failed in maintaining an effective storm water drainage system.IAF_2643820g

In times when the city, and its suburbs, is being pounded with rainfall exceeding normal limits by over three times, a drainage system that isn’t functional, creeks and culverts that are blocked due to excessive dumping of garbage as well as the administration’s failure to ensure timely desilting.

– See more at:

With receding waters, Chennai is battling hard to pick up pieces of life but another spell of heavy showers were enough to revive the ghost of flooding.  Lakhs of people in the worst-hit areas are facing acute short supply of food items, water, electricity and other essential things to survive. We are busy helping our community, whatever little bit we can do from here. For last ten days I couldn’t blog so for them who missed me and inquired about my well-being, thank you so much. I am safe and sound with my family. Felt humbled and touched. See you soon with new posts. 



Every weekend I decide not to blog, stay away from internet and laptop, no Facebook and whatsapp or any other connection with the world which requires Wi Fi.

Promises are meant to be broken. Truly said in this case as I find myself glued to blogging even on Saturday and Sunday. Shhh….Saturday is my most active day according to stats.

Facebook is not on priority list and can manage without whatsapp too, I can always send a SMS if there is a need but blogging? A difficult proposal. I guess I’m addicted to it and don’t want to admit it. 

Therefore decision taken. I will try to spare myself from blogging at least  on weekends. Last Monday, Andy, my fellow blogger shared with me a very good habit which he developed recently. His weekends are dedicated to his daughter. He spends quality time with her and make up for the entire week. I was touched though my reason of taking break is purely related to my health and physical problems because of  continuously sitting for long hours, like working on laptop for more than 40 min. is not all good for spine and eyes.

So it’s now or never. Today is Sunday. I’m going to unplug my glowing box, my favorite mac NOW.

Does it means I won’t like and comment on your posts today?

Is it possible ? That’s where the catch is ! Let’s see. IT’S NOW OR…..

Hey, where are you going? I guess it’s me who need a break, right? You are going to stay here so comments please…..Who knows if  I’ll be  like a hovering ghost here. Didn’t I tell you I’m addicted, eh?mac