FOTD -22 October Flowers inspire us to remain cheerful even if they are plucked and transferred to alien atmosphere. They try their level best to spread happiness and their fragrance in spite of being away from their native surroundings. Their journey from plants to vases is all about embracing change quickly in hope of sustaining […]


This tiny plant has two bright yellow flowers on it and the third one is about to open soon. This is the same plant I had purchased along with the red one. You can read my previous post to know more. The red lily has already been shared. Cee’s FOTD-21 Oct


I purchased two varieties of lilies from IKEA last week. One is red, the other one is yellow. Let’s see how many weeks these plants last because my experience with these hybrid indoor plants are not very pleasant. No matter how much care and precautions I take, they die all of a sudden one day, […]