I constantly move to deserts and valleys Climbing mountains, passing from cities  Exploring the woods, meeting the locals  Learning tribal culture, enjoy their fests Having a bag full of memories to cherish  That don’t get faded with time, stay fresh  Love going back to the memory lane  Calling old friends, close they remain  The nostalgia […]

Reflections of Nature

O mother you are looking so beautiful ! Mirror reflects your colors so natural ! Green attire with red, orange, yellow gems Clad in golden, you wear delicate ornaments Blue sky and water with a dash of clouds I’m speechless, beauty knows no bounds ! Is it a painting? A story? A dream to woo […]


WPC : Refraction  The first impressions once you land on the majestic city named “Mumbai” reflects the various moods of ‘Refraction’. The pics below are of famous monument “The Gateway of India” built during the early part of 19th century India. The Gateway of India was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

This week Kevin Conboy challenged us to play with lights and interpret Refraction in creative ways. Well, this is my interpretation of Refraction. Hope you will like my choice of pics.