WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: TRANSITION  Major change or minor adjustment, transitions are a constant. Let life itself be your muse. There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus When I look at these pics I captured during one of my hikes to a plateau not far from my house, I realized that life and nature changes every […]


Have you ever seen a golden ball sinking slowly in the lap of omnipresent red sky? Ah, What a weird question to ask, right? Don’t we all see and enjoy sunrise and sunset at any given opportunity. All of you must have clicked hundreds of pictures of absolutely red sun while it slowly vanishes in […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMY

  Snow Capped Mountain ranges  always fascinates me ! My Dream Destination…….. inspire, lure me to pack my bags, hang my camera and travel a long way to capture the mesmerizing beauty of these mighty ranges. Enjoy the views. /


This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Livid!(which is a fancy way of saying blue-grey) Until now for me livid was associated with anger and bruises. I liked this interpretation which is full of soul and  depth. Adjective: Furiously angry, Purplish, dark bluish grey, (source : Google) Here is my entry. I am so fascinated […]