Why Autumn is so Inspirational

    Brown signifies old, about to die      Green stand for youthful life      Hanging from the tree, the leaf will die anytime    Still, the tree is holding it with pride    Not throwing, not ignoring, and side     Even after it drops down as dead, the earth embraces it      Let it rest […]

My Kind of Blue

Blue is grace. Blue is calm. It is magnanimous. It is the sky it is water, deep oceans, and lots of laughter. Blue is royal, It is cool, we have Monday blues and blue bruises on the face, Blue is the color of Goddess Kali. I have yet to come across a soul who doesn’t […]

Trees in Squares

Trees have earthy, majestic appeal, having philosophy of remain attached to their roots yet growing in all different directions. Trees give us comfort, happiness, belonging, it’s like coming back to home. I always admire trees for their strength and will to face and survive any storm. They teach us many valuable lessons of life, the […]

Noises Within My Mind

Life would’ve never be this cryptic If people remain truthful to themselves The mystery around them makes every relation so doubtful The complications now seem insuperable The only respite is detachment from worldly pleasures Finding my soul will give me clear picture


Sun flower teaches us to always face the light and positivity and never stay in darkness. If there’s no visible source of light remain patient and wait for the next ray of light. FOTD- 3rd october 2021

Half Of Anything

Half of my heart half my will Half of my dreams half my vision Half of my soul half my spirit Half of my mind half my passion how can I be happy being half of my own self ? Half of aspirations half team work Half of commitment half mutual trust Expecting maximum output […]


Not everyone falls into the prey to shine and glitter and change the vision of their painting on the canvas of life. Strong willed they are ! We must respect their uniqueness and try not to manipulate their unwillingness to buy the given options. Why speak ill for them or tarnish their image? Let them paint in peace with their choices and preferences