Marilyn says that anything looks abstract if you shoot close enough. I have tried few shots of my window mesh and its iron frame and I think they can fit in this abstract category.  The feature of a rock hill looks abstract to me  The working model of a solar heater made with empty plastic […]

DINNERTIME: DP Photo Challenge

This is what you call a real dinnertime when hot crispy Jawar roti and sarson ka saag along with mint-coriander chutney is served. This Indian rural meal was prepared by me few days back……And it tasted SO GOOD !!!  


WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: TRANSITION  Major change or minor adjustment, transitions are a constant. Let life itself be your muse. There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus When I look at these pics I captured during one of my hikes to a plateau not far from my house, I realized that life and nature changes every […]

Trio & Travel

I travel on roads with my camera and whenever there is any interesting triplet subject I press the click button. I realized over a period of time there were many pics showing three objects/ people in my archives. Today I’m finding it so good to share all these pics fit for this week’s theme Trio  […]


Let’s go back to Medieval Period and observe these arches,one of the important features of Mughal architecture. Mughal architecture show cased wealth, splendour and royal taste of emperors. The bulbous tombs, decorative panels, arches and turrets were symbolic to this architectural style.  This week the theme is TRIO, how about the trio of  grand ancient […]

Victory of Traditions

Last week India celebrated one of its major festivals. Markets were flooded with mindblowing giftpacks. Right from chocolates, sweets, flowers, decorated diyas to studded statues of deities, bakery items, dry fruit baskets…..list is endless. You name it, was there packed artistically to lure customers. All of a sudden I started missing my childhood days when […]


To me ornate is elaborate, extravagant, an intricate shape or a embellished object. I was in awe with the grandeur and aura of Chillipam monastery in Tenga in Tawang district, India. Beautiful ! Isolated, wild, peaceful…. these adjectives came to my mind as I admired this ornately designed gompa. Look at the patterns, the details, […]

Sunday Indulgences

There was a time in their lives….. when they got a TREAT for everything !  To do home work, to behave  To clean room, to win the race To be in top five in the class To complete the given task  Or just to do good deeds For everything there was a treat !  Treats […]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat Why to buy dried herbs when I can grow fresh herbs in my garden to enhance the taste of my platter. Nothing to beat the aroma of a freshly chopped mint or coriander. My small kitchen garden in my backyard provides me everything which is necessary to make food tasty, I spent […]