Today I bought these from Ikea, Hyderabad, the only outlet of IKEA in India currently. Both the colours look so bright and I keep the pots in the kitchen to let them give me soul pleasing vibes. CEE’s FOTD


As a photographer, the right shot in the right light is something you always look for. The game of light may make or ruin your picture. The basic concepts of photography like aperture, shutter speed, exposure triangle , ISO all are inter connected to light only. When I see the seasoned photographers who are my […]


WHO will grow, will grow in life His destiny will take everything in stride Struggles, lack of resources will not effect Hunger for success, fire in the belly reacts All tricks of stars, planets or numerology Can play as adjunct only for poor and week No time to die, astrology won’t make him meek His […]

Window to Look Through Soul

Soul is a mystery to look through or look in I always wonder what to find deep within. So many dreams waiting to turn into reality Forgive or forget? Feeling good or feel guilty When I look through my soul, I find emotional surge While looking in yours, I find calmness, no urge While I […]

Trees in Squares

Trees have earthy, majestic appeal, having philosophy of remain attached to their roots yet growing in all different directions. Trees give us comfort, happiness, belonging, it’s like coming back to home. I always admire trees for their strength and will to face and survive any storm. They teach us many valuable lessons of life, the […]