Trees in Squares

Trees have earthy, majestic appeal, having philosophy of remain attached to their roots yet growing in all different directions. Trees give us comfort, happiness, belonging, it’s like coming back to home.

I always admire trees for their strength and will to face and survive any storm. They teach us many valuable lessons of life, the most important one is being grounded, flexible, selfless when the wind blows against. Being rigid and selfish will not save us. Live for others, live for community.

Today sharing some amazing trees captured with my Nikon lens in squares.


Trees at Tirupati, on a trip to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
Trees from the view point, Tirumala Hills, a zoomed shot
Kerala Coconut trees

I become more like a vessel of memories talking about trees. I recall those childhood days when me and my younger sister used to swing on the branches of a guava tree in our garden, though not very sturdy to climb, still we did so much fun then, sitting and eating guavas like a monkey.

The oldest tree at Bangalore’s Lalbagh Botanical garden
Trees at western ghats, near Pune



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