A Wheel Of Hope

Silence is almost over, no more dark empty streets Hope is what I visualise and see everywhere, Did the disease abet the death and disappeared ? Thank you O God for this bright colourful sight People in detention felt free, forgetting the plight Children can play, roam around day and night Glittering lamps on roadsides, […]

Lens-Artists: A Day from The Week

Festivities are in full swing at this time of the year. In the west people are celebrating Halloween while here in India we are glittering and shining in Diwali celebrations. Who doesn’t feel happy and gay during festivals? Therefore a theme as exciting as this one brings all the more reason to share one of […]

Do Mistakes But Don’t Persevere In Error

To err is human and we all make mistakes sometimes or the other. Mistakes make us learn, grow and adapt to new things which we would’ve never tried otherwise. I too learned many things in life after committing mistakes. I remember my high school days when my father used to teach me mathematics. I wasn’t […]