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Festivities are in full swing at this time of the year. In the west people are celebrating Halloween while here in India we are glittering and shining in Diwali celebrations. Who doesn’t feel happy and gay during festivals? Therefore a theme as exciting as this one brings all the more reason to share one of my days from the week with you. (This week Amy has told us to share a day of your week either traveling or a day near your home.) Well, for this week I have chosen a day when I was eager enough to get to visit an annual art exhibition in my town. It had some wonderful art pieces on display. I was amazed to see the vibrant, stunning art gallery by the artists of different states, participating n selling over there.

A vast range of plaster of paris, clay, and metal sculptures were attracting all the visitors to go closer and admire the art. Moreover applauding the artists for their marvelous work. Some pieces surely needed to be photographed. I didn’t waste this opportunity at all.

This dancing couple won my heart and I loved the illusion of heart made out of the circles they were holding as props. The next one was a pair of faces with all the facial lines carved to perfection. These were made from the paper mache technique and were painted later.

I could also manage to click some flowers and boxelder bugs in the garden area. Overall it was a fantastic day and a great start to the week. I shall be looking forward to indulging my soul n spirit in more such artistic ventures to get some thrill in life. Hope you liked my choices for this week. Lots of wishes from Soul. Thank you for visiting. Comments would be a great thing to bond over blogs.

Lens Artists #172 A Day Of My Week All photos right reserved @rashmikshyp



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  1. Beautiful arts and flowers make a very special day! I love the dancing couple especially. Wonderful to see these colorful flowers. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. A wonderful day you captured for us this week! The art is marvelous, especially the couple with the circles/heart. I am always envious of those with artistic talent. Your closing image is especially beautiful

    1. Thank you so much Tina for stopping by n appreciating my choices. 💓 To me Art 🎨 is an expression of soul. The words you can’t say, find an expression in art.

  3. I did like your choices and liked that your took it to art. I also loved the dancing couple in the heart as well. The flowers brightened my spirit as well . Very nice. Donna

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