A Mother’s Love:

I discover her love that knows no bounds 

Like an angel on Earth, as pure as it sounds 

 Her touch is magic-filled with gentle grace, 

Comfort beyond measure within her embrace

She takes us through life’s stormy qualms.

Her presence is a beacon that illuminates our path.

She’s the strength when I am weak, 

A source of comfort when I feel bleak. 

Her unconditional love, an eternal flame, 

A mother’s devotion, never to be tamed.

Her smile, like sunshine after the rain, 

It can heal my wounds and ease my pain. 

She nurtures my dreams with unwavering belief, 

Empowering me to conquer life’s grief.

 Her wisdom, a treasure trove so deep, 

A reservoir of love I’ll forever keep.

On this particular day, I honour her with pride, 

For all the love she has given, never denied. 

To the one who carried me, heart and soul

A mother’s love is the greatest gift I’ll ever know.

So, here’s to all mothers, both near and far, 

For their unwavering love, like a guiding star. 

May we cherish and celebrate them each day, 

For their love and presence, let us forever say:

Whispering words of love that forever echo in a child’s heart. 

Today, I pay tribute to all mothers for their unwavering faith,

and I express my gratitude to my mother for being my pillar of strength.

Words can move mountains and express so much that they may change lives and moments. Here’s a simple way to do the same this Mother’s Day.  In celebration of Mother’s Day, I have presented a heartfelt poem dedicated to all mothers. 

Happy Mother’s Day



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