Choose Your Adventure: Mist and Rocks


It was a road to heaven on earth, beauty no dearth, absolutely worth !!! 🙂

 The road less travelled, which led us to Indian Himalayas, Mountain of Gods.

We witnessed pristine lakes, gorgeous valleys, majestic waterfalls and gorges 

A drive full of adventure, the journey filled our souls with positive spirits.

We were moving ahead, singing songs, feeling the cool breeze on our face

I let the wind play with my locks, suddenly the driver applied the brakes

All of us looked out with horror and shock ! An open ending story till here

I invite you to invent the conclusion, if at all you type it there……DSC_3027



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  1. Ok, so the yeti appeared, but he also has a right to live. There are far too many yeti that die of roadkill. Is there no society to protect them.

    1. Wow ! That’s a wonderful twist and thanks for the contribution. The moment I finished mine and published it started raining heavily and my wifi was out. Just now It has started blinking again and I am coming to your blog right now.

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