You all must be aware of this challenge by now. I was so thrilled when Cee at Cee’s Photography Blog asked me to join for this challenge. On the same day Marilyn also asked me whether I would be interested in it. I said, ” Why not ?” It offers so much fun and creativity and moreover all my friends seem to enjoying this. 

Here is my photo


Oh My God ! He is so close… hands trembled for a second while I tried to take a close up of this unpredictable creature. Tarun was not at all happy about my bravado nevertheless he was the one who was on steering and managed to bring the car so close so that I could get a perfect close up. I thought he would run away but hats off to this character… he did not budge from his place despite we were at shortest distance away.DSC_8526I slowly positioned my camera, slid down the window glass clicking one after the other. Once I download them I found that the focus could have been better. Might be I was holding the camera too tightly since I had this fear of him snatching it away all along I took the pictures. Really he was within the reach.


There were other lagurs enjoying the early morning light sitting on the railing. Few were sticking to the branches of a big Banyan tree.DSC_8517

As a little girl I heard the story of langurs slapping the children from my grand mother. The Hanuman langur is capable of doing nasty things at times like, breaking the wind screen of the car with his tail tip which is generally looping towards his head or jumping on the car roof to bend it nicely. They are considered sacred in Hindu religion but the irony is they have to steel food to survive in urban areas because people feed them only in temples. Farmers harm them for raiding their crops and biting people.


We stood there for sometime, parked our car to enjoy the misty weather. I took pictures of the trees, the valley and some more langurs. Finally we winded up and left for our home. Tarun asked me,” What will you do with so many photos?” How can I make him understand the importance of these pics? I will need those for next four days. lol……

The rules of Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

1) Post a photo (or more!) each day for five consecutive days.

2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or nothing more than a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to you.

3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. This is supposed to be fun. It is not a command performance!

I would like to sent invitations tomorrow as all of whom I thought have already been invited by other participant bloggers so let me check with others. Have a nice day.



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  1. Dang, After hearing such stories about how tempermental they can be you still got close huh? You are certainly a true photographer alright! 🙂

    1. Haha 🙂 Look who is talking? Remember You had jumped over the fence to click the waterfall once? By the way I am crazy when it comes to my passion. Isn’t it fun Andy?

  2. Hello, how have you been. I recently came across the daily prompt on WordPress where I saw your interview with God story. I do not know how to get my writings on the daily post site. I mean whenever I write a daily prompt, exactly how do my writing get showcased on that daily post platform for all to see…like how I saw yours. Would be glad if u could help. Thanks.

    Enny Cole.

    1. Hi Enny, thank you for stopping by. All you have to do is to link your post with daily post grid. Just copy the URL of today’s prompt showing on top of the daily prompt page then using the link sign from the tools given on the saved draft link your post. Hope it should work or go to admin page and click on support.

  3. Wow, you’re brave to get to the monkey real close with the window open. I would be afraid of them snatching my camera away!
    Btw, nice landscape – very misty, was it during the winter?

  4. I think we lead a boring life in Europe. The only monkeys we see are in the zoo. What an interesting encounter. They seem to be used to human contact if they are so obliging to sit for a photo.

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