Lookin’ Out My Door: I See My Tree House !

This is what it looks like when I look out my door or window. Look at my beautiful green lawn and a equally green tree house ! 

The tree house is undoubtedly one of the attractive features of my small garden. I love to sit there in the evening and enjoy watching the garden blooms.

You know what? I never miss a chance to sit there when it rains. The cool breeze brings the gentle showers on my face and body which is just so refreshing ! I can spend hours there listening to the sweet song of birds. The flowers of the creeper planted in a pot kept there fills the air with its sweet fragrance. The whole experience is so calming as well as relaxing.

Another feature is of course a small water pond. The blue lotus welcome us every morning.

If I look out my back door or window then my kitchen garden smiles at me. Shiny, crunchy, new leaves of lettuce and spinach tempt me to toss a healthy salad. The yellow mustard flowers in one corner reminds me of yellow fields of Punjab state.

All in all a happy peeping out ! 



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    1. Yes, of course. I chose the lay out, design and patterns of beds, buy my plants from nursery. The gardener and other help in trimming and mowing the grass.

  1. O yes ! You must try it. The bright yellow mustard flowers looks so nice and the leaves as well as stems can be cooked. You must have had the famous punjabi dish ‘Sarson ke saag’ with corn bread i. e. ‘makka ki roti’

  2. I love that you built a treehouse for yourself! We built one for my husband’s children, but it was between redwood trees and when one grew faster than the others, it listed more every year! My husband built a pulley system so we could send their lunches down to them. They quickly outgrew it, however. So we built another huge one for ourselves closer to the house and made it into an art studio. A redwood tree grew through the floor and out the roof of my papermaking studio…Now see what memories you have roused? Beautiful garden. Beautiful treehouse. http://judydykstrabrown.com/2015/07/18/retirement/

    1. I am so glad to read this beautiful story of the tree house built by your husband. It must be so amazing to send food from that height that too with the help of pulley system. WOW! what fun ! Thanks for sharing your story.

      1. Our house was actually higher up–built on the side of a mountain, so gravity helped on the way down,but we had to pull harder pulling stuff back up.

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