I blog I belong I will play the music life long

Meeting friends, listening to their songs

Murmurs of joys, pains and wrongs

A story to read, an anxious reader longs

About clouds, trees, hills and fog

Lush green meadows and trimmed lawns

Sweet melodies of people who belong

This is a beautiful world to prolong

I blog I belong I play the music all along ! 



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  1. And my Pakistani boss once told me that the scale of music in India has far more notes that Western scale of basic 8 notes with a few sharps and flats in between. They also have inbetween tones – far more comprehensive.

    1. Perhaps your boss is right. Indian music is more of riyaz(practice) and dedication. It needs years of hard work and dedication and a good teacher to learn it properly.

  2. Back when I was studying music, I listened to a lot of Indian music. I still love it, though I admit it is very much more complex than western music. I enjoy it despite not entirely understanding it.

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