One word Photo Challenge: Snow All Around

I have a very close relation with snow since we have been staying in mountains more than plains. Snow was integral part of our lives. We couldn’t avoid it even if we wanted to. I loved it when I saw it snowing for the first time but I hated it as it started melting and […]

Choose Your Adventure: Mist and Rocks

It was a road to heaven on earth, beauty no dearth, absolutely worth !!! 🙂  The road less travelled, which led us to Indian Himalayas, Mountain of Gods. We witnessed pristine lakes, gorgeous valleys, majestic waterfalls and gorges  A drive full of adventure, the journey filled our souls with positive spirits. We were moving ahead, […]

BYOB(OOKWORM): The Cloak of Mystery

I love reading books. Books are my best friends. They entertain me, guide me, transcends me to a different world, fulfill me and direct me towards spirituality. Some religious books act as a fuel for my soul.  Few things never lose its shine and value and can be great hand-me -downs, books are one of […]

WPC: Shadowed Himalayas

Nothing is more divine than the dawn and dusk at Himalayas…..  Every minute the scene changes. Golden rays of dawn light shining through the early morning mist and illuminating the snow capped peaks near Nanda Devi ranges in Auli, Uttarakhand. I was so captivated with the dramatic feel and beauty of the atmosphere, kept on clicking […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, but not Forgotten II

This is one of my favorite photo, a panoramic view of Himalayan Ranges. As soon as the sun light falls on snow covered  mountain peaks they glitter like gold and shine brightly. What a blissful moment it was ! Though the moment is gone, but not forgotten. Enjoy the view. The first entry can be seen […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

There are few moments which come as a pure bliss in your life, the sight which may have lost once you move ahead while traveling towards the destination. The view is lost but you can never forget the experience, it will remain in your memory forever. The first glimpse of the mighty ‘ Kanchenjunga’ mountain […]

Misty Dreams…. WPC: Dreamy II

Here is my second entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy Dreams are made of misty stuff…………. Mist rising above, clouds so puff……………. Green serene valley, Angel’s stay here Greed, hatred, jealousy no need there Enjoy Mother nature’s blessings to humans Are we so busy to overlook her greatness?  Look, take a pause, absorb the freshness […]


Daily Prompt: In Transit Train stations, airport terminals, subway stops: soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies, or magical sets for fleeting, interlocking human stories?   This train is definitely a place of joy Lovingly it is known as a ‘Train toy’ Tourists from all over the world enjoy the ride It moves at a […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance II

Here is my second entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: ENDURANCE To read more about this miracle of nature check my post on  Sanngetser lake: Nature’s Pride These bare tree trunks standing like guards in isolation……. Like hermits standing on one feet doing meditation………………. Like pillars of endurance exhibiting steely determination……. Earth quake swept the landscape, […]