On 2nd of Dec. India woke up to watch dejected,  traumatized, hopeless faces of innocent people of Chennai. 

Everything was absolutely fine till 30th Nov. I posted my last post on WordPress and went to school in the morning, came back, felt happy to see the pictures of the couple, both are dear friends, enjoying in Mumbai. They were to leave Chennai within few days. All their stuff was packed and they had gone to Mumbai for a couple of days to do initial formalities before shifting finally.

God had different plans for them. On the very first day of Dec. Chennai recorded 374mm rainfall and it was supposed to continue for the week, declared weather forecast.

The scene was changed by the evening and Chennai was set to face its worst floods in 100 years.

As  I watched the mind numbing pictures on TV and scary scale of disaster unfolding, I felt so worried for my friends out there in Chennai. Army cantonment was submerged in water along with the entire city.

Within no time the sad news started pouring in through facebook and whatsapp. The senior couple had lost everything in destructive floods. Their ground floor house was totally ravaged by floods and the material devastation was beyond control. Here are some of the pics shared by them on fb.

This was bound to happen. Innocent people had to pay the price for poor management. Another natural disaster occurred due to the reckless development. Army and Indian Air Force saved many lives and done outstanding rescue work but many are still missing. No news from friends whose children were staying in Chennai hostels, another senior gentleman and his wife could not be evacuated in time. May their soul rest in peace.

While officials at the India Meteorological Department have said the exceptionally strong El Niño, along with a rare “coincidence of various factors”, has resulted in the heavy rain, there’s no denying that Chennai has failed in maintaining an effective storm water drainage system.IAF_2643820g

In times when the city, and its suburbs, is being pounded with rainfall exceeding normal limits by over three times, a drainage system that isn’t functional, creeks and culverts that are blocked due to excessive dumping of garbage as well as the administration’s failure to ensure timely desilting.

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With receding waters, Chennai is battling hard to pick up pieces of life but another spell of heavy showers were enough to revive the ghost of flooding.  Lakhs of people in the worst-hit areas are facing acute short supply of food items, water, electricity and other essential things to survive. We are busy helping our community, whatever little bit we can do from here. For last ten days I couldn’t blog so for them who missed me and inquired about my well-being, thank you so much. I am safe and sound with my family. Felt humbled and touched. See you soon with new posts. 


Happy Community Delighted Farmers

We went for a drive and came back with lots of happy pictures. The locals, the farmers, the tourists all seemed to be delighted.

All is well in my community. Weather is great. People and farmers are happy. Rains are in plenty. The corn fields are prospering. The yield is healthy._DSC1506

Green is the color currently. The farmers are praying for more rains in coming month so that they don’t have to irrigate the fields. Looks like this year Maharashtra is going to have bumper crop season. Touch wood._DSC1458

You never know when the gentle showers turn into monstrous hail storm. We don’t want any thunder or lightening at this moment. Let the farmers reap the harvest after sweating and toiling in the fields. Let them sing and dance while they celebrate harvest festivals. Amen ! _DSC1453

Looking at the beauty all around a thought came to my mind that we have abundance of things to thank for. We may not be making lot of money but are making lot of life. One can always enjoy the gift of living in such green surroundings and fill one’s existence with jewels of life. _DSC1507We had our tea break. Enjoyed hot pakoras, roasted corns and drove back home. All is well in my neighbourhood and hopefully my community would love to see these green images. How about you?

Rains, Wind Storm and the Tree Toppled


It’s raining like cats and dogs. Thunder storms, evening showers, strong winds, toppling of  trees and bent electric polls are common in India where I live. 

No doubt this is the best time around when everything turns green. Weather is so pleasant and the cool breeze blows day and night but the rains bring agony of floods, crop damage, traffic jams and long power cuts due to trees falling on electric wires and poles. DSC_9779

Day before yesterday while I was enjoying my hot cup of coffee gusting winds forced the branches to sway back and forth. Soon the strong wind changed into storm followed by heavy rains, Quickly I rushed out in the garden with my camera to click few photos for my blog.

I heard a loud crack. The tallest tree at the backyard of my house was thrown by wind and it fell on the ground. As it toppled the limb tangled in telephone wire. I watched everything in shock. I knew I was out of connectivity as my landline was dead now, making no sound, silence…..DSC_9780

Today my landline and broadband connection was functional again, I was desperate to log in after migraine attack. I was in pain for 36 hours. Many many thanks for giving me good wishes, valuable advices and for including me in your prayers. I am overwhelmed to receive the love and concern from my most cherished world, the bloggers community, the readers and faithful friends. Love you all. I am much better now. Looking forward to read your posts.

How does it matters whether it’s a autumn or winter, summer or spring

The highlight of the season has been love,compassion, care and bonding

Will remain forever. No matter where I live, I will live in your thoughts

Looking forward to stay in your hearts, so much happiness it has brought