I still hear the echo of water. It could be heard from a distance too while I was desperately waiting to get the first glimpse of the massive, voluminous waterfall. It was like a marvel of nature and the only source of sound in this silent, lush green valley. Breathtaking view which echoes in my memory forever.

The other picture is of a old Mughal Fort where the echo from the glorious past can be heard even today. The intricate workmanship, the architecture, the feel, the royal ambience makes you call those kings from the past and you definitely hear the echo of their footsteps. 

Hope you would like my perception on today’s prompt. 



Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 30,2016

Life is all about choices and finding your way to your destination. I particularly enjoy playing up for this photo challenge run by Cee because it gives me freedom to click anything which depicts a ‘way’…. it can be a walkway, road, footpath, trail, stairs or even I can capture while climbing, driving or driving. Isn’t it fun?

I was away from these fun challenges for a while, hopefully should be able to tag along and contribute by bit. These are my choices for this week.img_2797img_2889img_2902IMG_0729


For the past week I have been talking about Rajput Kings and Maharajas, sharing their palaces photos in my posts, therefore it would be unfair on my part not to share their family generation portraits with you all. They have survived ….the princely state status, Colonial era dependency and now the independent royal family buisness. 

Meet the real Maharaja Umaid Rao from royal family of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The above picture shows the entire family. Maharani(wife) in centre towards her left are her husband Maharaja Umaid Singh and daughter, towards her right stand her son and daughter in law. Son, Gaj Singh II is the current king of Rao dynasty and staying in Umaid Bhawan. 

Umaid Singh was born on 8July 1903 and wasMaharaja of Jodhpur from 1918 to his death in 9 June 1947. 
This is what I got to know about him from wilkipedia. “The second son of Maharaja Sir Sardar Singh, he succeeded his elder brother Maharaja Sir Sumair Singh upon his death in 1918; in 1922 he served as the aide-de-camp to the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII). Ruling under the regency of his granduncle until 1923, he was then formally invested as Maharaja by Lord Reading. During his reign, Sir Umaid Singh reformed and reorganised the Jodhpur State Forces and the judicial department, introduced a scheme for extending primary education, revised the land revenue settlement and established state pensions and a Provident Fund for state employees. Enjoying a distinguished military career, he died at his estate on Mount Abu on 9 June 1947 after a reign of 29 years, aged but 43.”
The portraits are displayed in the museum formed out of six rooms, earlier part of this extraordinary private residences in the world. Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the finest palace hotels in this planet. No wonder the royal family  still exhibits the old charm, wealth and aristocracy. To experience their hospitality and world class taste one must stay in Umaid Palace  once in lifetime. Generation Survival

The 3D model of the palace

Flower of the Day: Tabernaemontana divaricata(Chandini)

While roaming around in Jodhpur I observed one thing, there weren’t not many flowers in the gardens or roadside lawns. Shrubs/bushes were  there but minus flowers. What’s could be the reason?

This might not the flowering season for local trees here or another very strong reason came to my mind was the soaring temperatures of the city. Survival is hard here for humans and animals unless they have some shade above their heads. How will delicate flowers bear this scorching heat? No wonder only tough species are found in Rajasthan but finally I got to see few shrubs with flowers on them.

These white ones are very beautiful starlike flowers called ‘Chandini’ here in India. Binomial name is Tabernaemontana divaricata. This is a evergreen shrub probably native to India, now cultivated in warmer regions of South & East Asia. Has medicinal value too. 

I would like to call them “The Heroes of Jodhpur” who are still smilng in the terrible heat. Tomorrow meet another hero. 

These are iPhone pics and I know that pictures are not of good quality as I had no idea how to deal with so much sunlight, every photo was exposed and looked too bright but as Cee says, this theme is all about sharing our flowers, isn’t it? 

Flower of the Day: 10.5.2016


Yes, very true. As I strolled across the magnificent fort of Jodhpur, a living testimony that recalls the glorious past of Indian Rajput kings, I loved peeping into the history that recounts the chronicles and legends of Jodhpur’s rich past.

In other words, I strolled across the marvels of architecture  and grandeur they were associated with, not to miss lush green lawns of palaces, colorful textile market of Jodhpur(a historical city of Rajasthan, India).  Enjoy the stroll

The fort you see in pictures are of famous Mehrangarh Fort, I visited today. Few words about it from Google Uncle:

“The fort stands a hundred feet in splendor on a perpendicular cliff, four hundred feet above the sky line of Jodhpur. Burnished red sand stone, imposing, invincible and yet with a strange haunting beauty that beckons . Much has been written about the Citadel of the Sun, for truly, it is one of the most impressive in all Rajasthan. So colossal are its proportions that Rudyard Kipling called it “ the work of giants”. Today, it is acknowledged as one of the best preserved fort in India.”

Landed in The Land of Palaces

Finally landed in Jodhpur, Rajasthan , the land of royal way of life, kings and their palaces decorared with Jharokas, famous for spicy cuisine, stunning textiles like leheria,  bandhej(tie & dye)and of course rich culture. 

Checked in one of the old palaces “Hari Mahal” presently known as luxurious Taj Vivanta. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful 5 star luxury heritage hotels of Taj group.  Here are few pics of lobby and my room. 

 Stroll across 6 acres, of the hotel and its green lawns,  a stay at Taj proves to be an absolute delight. Apart from your basic needs,  you get a strong dose of luxury. Large windows, original wall paintings and elegant upholstery. The rooms offer the right mix of elements that you’ll need to make your holiday a royal pleasure. The heritage hotel gives the feel of royal king size life as soon as you enter the main reception hall. Wall to wall glass doors, tall windows along with arches adorning folk art mesmerize you to fall in love with the property

You arrive in style here. Raise a toast. Treat yourself to maharaja way of life. Overlooking the expansive garden area, these rooms at Vivanta by Taj – Hari Mahal, Jodhpur prove to be a heavan for the modern traveller.

The room has got Rajasthani interiors and paintings behind the bed makes it an ethnic experience so worth. Looking forward to my stay here. Keep connected for more from this royal city of India. 

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge week#18

While walking as a tourist on the roads of Shmla city I must have clicked hundreds of photos. When I uploaded them in my computer I found few pics which were random shots. I think they can fit in this category.

Below is a toy train, runs between Shimla to Kalka , one of the most exciting and fun ride in hills. It’s a four to five hours stretch, where one enjoys floating clouds, breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous valleys.Toy Train

The tricolor furling right in the centre of Ridge ground, Shimla.Flag Shimla

An old victorian street lamp looks so stunning and depicts british history.Shimla Lamp

To enjoy many more odd, atypical photos click below