Malampuzha Dam in Kerala

One of the must visit places when you are in God’s own country Kerala, South India is for sure. One of the largest dams and reservoirs, Malampuzha is 10 km from Palakkad town North Kerala, also known as Palghat, may not be on the top of your “Places to visit” list while in Kerala but certainly adds to an enriching experiences of the state, rich in culture, flora and fauna. It is one of the largest dams and reservoirs in Kerala. Situated in the beautiful hilly landscape of the western ghats, was built after independence. The dam looks voluminous and is 355 feet high. It crosses the Malampuzha river which is the tributary of Kerala’s second highest river, Alappuzha. The massive flow of water attracts your attention as soon as you spot it from distance. The area all around is worth roaming around.

Lush green gardens, amusement parks compels you to spend some quality time over there in solitude. Beautifully manicured, vast gardens remain full with seasonal flowers throughout adding more charm to this tourist spot. Fish shaped aquarium and toy trains are good for kids to explore and enjoy. Rock garden, boating facilities and ropeway are among the main attractions. Water water everywhere is the first thing comes to your mind, the mighty drop of water scares for a while, as you proceed further for a click. Venturing too close is strictly a ban for obvious reasons.

Nearest railway station is Palakkad Junction

Nearest airport is Coimbatore which is 55 km. You can also come driving if you are stationed in Thiruvananthapuram ( 350 km north of state capital )



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