Tattoos of Green Season


I woke up in the morning as usual. After I came back from my school ( Yes I still go to school at this age, not to be taught but to teach ) I felt like going out for a long drive. Then I decided against as it was raining.

I’m so inspired by Mrs.Angloswiss evening walks. Not that I don’t go for my walks but I don’t carry my camera like her during walks. If at all I have to click something, my mobile phone fulfills the need.

Finally it stopped raining for a while, I didn’t waste time and left immediately. I wish Mrs.Angloswiss was there with me. We both could’ve clicked some amazing pics but we don’t have swiss cows to shoot. Perhaps she wouldn’t have join without Mr. Swiss. After all she is a golden oldie, eh !

I headed towards the open space behind our colony. The walking route is beautiful. As we start walking, 50 meters ahead our enclave the road opens in a small golf course that has turned greener. There are big grounds on both sides of the road. Wow ! I was enjoying clicking photos though it was little embarrassing to hang a camera while walking in the cantonment. soldiers/officers were wondering, ” What happened to memsahib /ma’am today ? Anything for blog and pictures, I no more feel embarrassed now.

It had been raining continuously for last 48 hours. The effect has been so soothing. Terrific weather, cheerful surroundings and nature at its best. I was remembering the following lines of an article “spring blossoms” by Francine Raymond published in ‘The Telegraph’

“Nothing lifts the souls more than a glimpse of blossoming boughs, with pretty pink or white petals falling like confetti on to warming soil.” I had to agree on this. So what if the petals were yellow !

Creepers have grown so wild and high that they almost covered the entire tree.

Grass has spread like wild fire even in those patches which remained brown and barren throughout year.DSC_1188

Flowering trees have adorned themselves in rich blossom. Birds were enjoying and looked beautiful against the green contrast.DSC_1177

There is a giant old banyan tree with its ariel prop roots right in the middle of one of the grounds. You just cannot escape it. I daily come across the tree and wonder that how old it must be ! Tarun sometimes talk about it about its majestic look while we both walk together.

Who would want to write about artificial things like tattoos and pain its causes when nature is blessing us with such beautiful gifts.

Atleast not me.

Frankly speaking I don’t like piercing needles in my body. Rather if I have to use it I will go for an artificial one.

So enjoy the nature at its best in rainy aka green season.




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  1. Vancouver has been needing rain badly for months now, even if it only lasted 5 minutes we’d still take it, so I’m envious of your beautiful green captures 🙂

  2. I would also like to accompany you on your walk, but yes with my camera and I am sure if you have no cows, you have other wild life that would be a feast for the camera. At the moment it is too hot here to take walks. Our wonderful green grass is gradually turning into brown and restrictions have been placed on using too much water. I have never seen a banyan tree in reality. Mr. Swiss does not always go with me and often he lets me out on my own.

  3. After seeing India a few times right after the monsoon season, I have begun to appreciate greenery and lush fields in Asia including my country, Malaysia. Love your “green” pictures 🙂

      1. We have 2 different monsoons but problem is it is becoming lesser green and more floods and landslides. Because our stupid authorities keep chopping trees and clearing lands for development! Hence, I’m missing lots of green though we still have a little in the rural areas…

      2. Housing, commercial buildings. Our hill station Cameron Highlands suffered 2 major landslides these past few years..vegetable and fruit farmers found monies received from developers to clear their lands for hotels & resorts more profitable than growing crops 🙁

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